WEL Networks

WEL Energy Trust is proud of its ownership of WEL Networks Ltd and supports its aspiration to provide high quality, reliable utility services valued by their customers, whilst protecting and enabling the community. WEL Networks has maintained strong delivery of their core service that delivers electricity to over 84,000 homes, farms and businesses. The WEL Group is also focussed on making strategic investments in new technologies to take the business into the future. Their vision is to not only ensure that the network remains sustainable, but to enable WEL to continue to enhance the region’s economic and social growth. It is a diversified utility, and strategic holder of Ultra-Fast Fibre (UFF), they have accomplished the delivery of their smart box project, and are installing five electric vehicle fast chargers around the Waikato.

2016 Discount

The 2016 WEL Networks discount is here – watch out for it on your April/May power bill. As part of WEL’s commitment to the region’s growth, we’re constantly looking for ways to reduce the cost of electricity to the people and businesses of the Waikato. One of our major initiatives is the WEL Discount programme, which gives all WEL customers in the Waikato Network area a share of our success via a discount, once a year. For more information about the 2016 discount, click the link below:

Wel discount

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