WEL Energy Trust has a 100% shareholding, on behalf of the community, in WEL Networks Ltd. WEL Networks Ltd owns the electricity lines and equipment in Hamilton, most of the Waikato District and a small part of the Waipa District.

The Trust is a special purpose body with responsibilities under its Trust Deed to:

  • Manage its investment in WEL Networks Ltd;
  • Ensure WEL Networks Ltd. operates as a successful business;
  • Have regard to customer interests in industry matters;
  • Distribute surplus income at its discretion and to be accountable to the community.

Since its inception in 1993, the Trust had supported the return of over $240 million to WEL Networks customers through a discount on individual electricity accounts.  It has also invested over $60 million in community and energy efficiency grants.  In 2014-15, over $2 million dollars was invested in the community through grants.

  1. Our Community Investment Strategy
  • Click here to view our 2015-2019 Community Investment Strategy
  1. Applying for Funding
  1. Community Loans
  1. Major Transformational Projects

See below for lists of recent grant recipients:

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