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Tuesday, 10 Nov 2020 Latest news

Big hopes for new model of community transformation

Pioneering a new model of community transformation to create a more environmentally sustainable, prosperous and inclusive region, the Waikato Wellbeing project has attracted attention around the country...

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Friday, 14 Aug 2020 Latest news

Sale of UFF Holdings Ltd goes unconditional

The sale of UFF Holdings Ltd, the holding company for Hamilton-based fibre business Ultrafast Fibre Ltd, to First State Investments is now unconditional.

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Monday, 10 Aug 2020 Latest news

Multimillion dollar agreement signed for Waikato's Wellbeing

An agreement to be signed by Waikato Regional Council with WEL Energy Trust will help to end poverty, fight inequality and act on climate change.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2020 Latest news

WEL in a strong position to explore new technologies and take new opportunities

WEL in a strong position to explore new technologies and take new opportunities in the provision of clean, innovative and affordable electricity to the Waikato Region

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Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020 Latest news

Millions more in funding to support non-profits

Millions more in funding has been announced by the Waikato Community Funders Group to support non-profit organisations working on the frontline to support the vulnerable affected by COVID-19

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Tuesday, 24 Mar 2020 Latest news

Waikato Community Funders Collaborate

Community funders in the Waikato region have combined efforts to directly support non-profit organisations who are well-placed to support the wellbeing of the most at-risk people, who may be affected by COVID-19.

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