WEL Energy Trust is recruiting a new Impact Officer

Thursday, 4 Jul 2019 Latest news

The Trust is looking for a new Impact Officer

The Trust is looking for a special person to carry on the wonderful work of our Impact Officer.

Laura Kent started in the newly-imagined position of Impact Officer at the end of 2018, and she has certainly lived up to her title as she has made a big impact in her time with the Trust.  Due to an exciting overseas opportunity for Laura and her family, we are in the position where we are needing to find a new Impact Officer to join the Trust team.

The Impact Officer will have the opportunity to accelerate, measure and communicate social impact with a view to achieving our goal of a forward thinking, vibrant, connected community.

This position was originally created to accelerate and deepen the Trust’s impact in the community.  If this role interests you, or you think it might be perfect for someone you know, have a read of the job description, which includes details on how to apply.

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