Current elected Trustees are Rob HAMILL, Denise HARDING, Mark INGLE, Charlotte ISAAC, Mike ROLTON, Craig STEPHEN and Kathryn WILLIAMS.

Click here for further information about the current Trustees.

The next Election will be held in June 2020.  Click here to read the Pre-Election Report.

Candidate nominations closed 12.00pm 14 May 2020.  There are 20 confirmed Candidates – click here to view the list and read about Enrolment and Special Voting Facilities.

To read about the 2020 Election Candidates, click here.

Voting packs should reach you from 4 June.  Voting closes at 12.00 noon on Friday 26 June.  CLICK HERE TO VOTE!

Replacement of Discount Scheme Information

Candidate Handbook.

Trust Deed

Diversity Policy

Trustees Act

For election-related queries, contact electionz.com on 0800 666 031.

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